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Wednesday Night 2 Person Scramble :

Session 1 "Complete"

Bracket A

Write up pending further review 

Bracket B

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Bracket C

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Session 2 

WNL Rule Sheet

2 man Team Scramble (Match Play):

  •  Teams will compete against other 2 person teams in a match play format. The players will choose the best shot and both play from the same location each shot. There will be one score each hole per team.  Every team must finish every hole and gimmies are not allowed. Each team will play against a different team each week.  The team that wins the most holes during their match will be the winner.

  • 4 Points = Win
  • 1 point = KP course games
  • 1 Point = Birdie
  • 2 Points = Eagle
  • 3 Points = Double Eagle/Hole in One

Course Rules:

  • Teams are allowed to pick and place their ball within 6 inches of the chosen ball. Teams are not allowed to move the ball out of a hazard while marking their ball. Any teams caught cheating will be asked to leave the league. We already maxed out the amount of liars and cheaters, so there’s no room for more.

KP, Long Drive, Closest in two:

  • There will be three on course games each week. The player who wins will receive a prize and an extra point for their team.



Schedule Week 8 July 16th



KP Winners

I am still in search for KP markers on the front side of the course. I was able to pick up the backside side KP Wednesday Night but was unable to do so on the front. I will be looking into who was the KP winners and post the points for the following week. 

Player KP
Aaron Wabschall 2
Austin Lalande 3
Kyle Walsh 8
Riley Baker 12
Jeff Mapes 14
Weston Powers  17



Overall Standings



Playoff Bracket 



Session 3 "Begins August 8th"